Here at Easy Buy, we put the customer first. Many people dream of having their own car, but feel like they can't afford it. So here at Easy Buy, we find ways to make your car dreams come true with our option of cars on finance. It allows for a payment scheme that is more comfortable to our clients.

How Cars on Finance Works

Easy Buy offers instalment options for those who are interested in purchasing our products, and these include the vehicles we have available. With cars on finance, an initial payment must also be made before taking advantage of the instalment options. Then the client can choose whether they prefer to do car payments weekly or if they want to pay for cars on a monthly basis. The client also has the option of paying outright. With this option, the car will immediately be transferred to their ownership. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the lowest instalment rates so that they don't have a hard time meeting their deadlines. But our low rates aren't the only benefit clients can get from Cars on Finance.

Benefits of pay weekly cars:

Choose a Better Car!

With the instalment option, your payments will be spread throughout a given time period. This means you can choose to get a more expensive car, but you won't feel like the cost is too high. This brings you one step closer to getting that dream car! You can really choose the car you want because you won't be worrying about the big expense. It will feel as if you're just paying for another monthly utility like water or internet bills but with a more affordable price tag.

Improves your Credit Score

Being able to get car financing and paying it on time will improve your credit standing. This shows that you are able to manage your finances properly and could serve as a testament to future financiers that you are responsible for your payments. You can save up for a car, but it might take a long time. Why wait when you can have the car of your dreams today? We understand that this might be a lot to take in. For more questions or assistance in applying for car finance, get in touch with us today!

2014 Hyundai IX20

Or Spread the Cost

60,325 Miles - Automatic Headlights

Availability: In Stock


61,200 Miles - £20 Road Tax

Availability: In Stock


2015 Skoda Fabia

Or Spread the Cost

ONLY 20,250 Miles - £20 Road Tax

Availability: In Stock


2016 Peugeot 2008

Or Spread the Cost

35,200 Miles - £0 Road Tax

Availability: In Stock

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